About the Conference

The conference caters to the imagination of each and every participant from the general public, educational institutions, the financial community to experienced industry professionals. 
The conference shall provide a perspective of where & how these metals are discovered, extracted & refined and transformed into daily use for the benefit of both the economy and society within Canada  and the world.

Integral to the success of the mining sector are our relationships with Canada's First Nations, Government Agencies, Academic Institutions and local communities to all of whom we extend a warm welcome to participate at the conference.

Redefining Electrical Metals Virtual Conference is intended to energize our imaginations and understanding of a world that is a beneficiary of Canadian expertise, resources and ingenuity in developing electrical metals which power the future of humankind.

Conference Features

We are currently developing the conference program. Please check back often for updates.

Below is a breakdown of our conference plans.

Industry Keynotes

Redefining Electrical Metals features presentations from world class speakers, who will share their expertise and insights on the future of electrical metals, supply and demand, the future of world electrification and technological advancements.

Mining Operators Presentations

Over the two days, participants shall meet a host of unique mining companies focused upon the electrical metals being explored for and developed within world class projects across Canada. Each company is being featured in a twenty minute presentation so you can learn about the company, the management team, the various projects and the investment opportunities.  Each session shall include a breakout session where delegates can ask company representatives questions.

Mining Operators Technical Presentations

Each presenting company shall also provide a technical presentation, led by their tech experts. Here you will receive valuable information about the project, understand both the geology/geophysics, view core samples and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Service Provider Presentations

Successful mineral exploration companies benefit from the involvement of experienced technical and business service providers. Each day, the conference shall feature high quality technical presentations, services overview featuring world class organizations and the brightest minds behind those organizations.

Are you Interested in Speaking?

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