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Exploration Mining Operators

A total of ten primary categories of electrical metals which Canadian mining companies are developing shall be presenting the various projects located within Canada. There shall be two representative mining companies within each commodity selected upon the basis of experience, quality of the project, technical expertise, value proposition and being recognized by both the financial community and their peers. The conference is targeting a maximum of two companies for each of the following commodities: copper, cobalt, gold, graphite, lithium, nickel, silver, zinc, uranium and Rare Earth Elements (REE).

Technical Service Providers 

There are a limited number of opportunities for world-class service providers to participate in the conference program. If your organization is integral to the Canadian mineral sector, we invite your organization to present and showcase your personnel, technology, services and industry expertise.

Professional Business Services

In addition to technical services, mining operators depend on the expertise of law practices, accountancies, financial institutions, investor relations, public reporting and more. Display your brand, services, and business experts for the benefit of decision makers and delegates.